We all get this question asked daily.

First it should be pointed out that in terms of preventing plaque build up and gingivitis the differences between most toothpastes is very little. Generally it is the toothbrush and our technique that makes all the difference!!!

When choosing  a toothpaste, stick to known brands that contain  fluoride – this is a must.  At Martin Dental we recommend Colgate Total or Sensodyne toothpaste & we normally have samples here which we are happy for you to trial at home.

Children’s toothpastes can contain sugar content so make sure to always check the ingredients. Choose one that doesn’t make multiple promises. A Whitening,  tarter control toothpaste with other special properties sounds like a great idea, but the truth is that people can have sensitivities to some of the ingredients and the more that are included, the greater the likely hood that you may have a reaction.

Generally toothpastes that claim to ‘whiten’ have had abrasive qualities included in their ingredients, which in turn can erode the enamel off your teeth, causing  more problems! Or being supermarket products they do not contain dental grade whitening materials therefore why you do not see results from these products. The number one guilty of this is the new ‘fad’ of charcoal toothpastes! Martin Dental does NOT recommend these.

Problems with abrasive toothpastes can include increased sensitivity as the enamel is worn away, and exposing a more obvious “yellow” colouring to your teeth as the white enamel wears away. Steer clear of the ‘Charcoal’ fade, not only is charcoal a carcinogenic but its also made up of small abrasive particles that at first may seem to whiten your teeth but over time will continue to strip the enamel off your teeth resulting in the yellow dentine showing through. Dentine can not be bleached and you cannot re-grow enamel so this results in permanent damage to your teeth. Not a good enough reason I think to follow the new ‘craze’ on social media.

When I purchase toothpaste for myself I find a ‘basic’ version, that doesn’t promise the world !! l. It can be hard to find on the supermarket shelf, since the ‘fancier’ toothpastes cost more and the supermarket might makes a bigger profit from them, placing them front and centre on the shelves.  Try not to be swayed too much into that thinking spending more for a product promising additional benefits will actually get you a better toothpaste!  Always remember the number one criteria for a good toothpaste for children and adults is that it contains FLUORIDE & as little sugar content as possible.