There are a number of potential health risks related to having piercings in the mouth & lips & most Dentists would strongly advise you against it. Orofacial piercings can cause considerable damage to existing teeth, fillings & oral tissues. Often patients who have these piercings tend to ‘play’ with them by clicking them around the inside of their mouth which in turn bumps the teeth. Moving the jewelry around like this causes teeth to chip or fracture & causes considerable harm to your gums. While some of these issues can be addressed like chipping of teeth, most gum damage is permanent & gum recession cannot be reversed. This is a permanent result of tongue & lip piercings. Oral piercings dont just affect your teeth and gums, they can also affect the nerves which is much more serious. After a piercing you may experience a numb tongue that is usually temporary but can sometimes be permanent. This injured nerve may affect your sense of taste, or how you move your mouth to talk. Damage to your tongues blood vessels can also cause serious blood loss. Your mouth contains millions of bacteria, and infection and swelling often occur with mouth piercings. For example when you first get your piercing your tongue or mouth could swell so much that it closes off your airway. An infection can quickly become life threatening if not treated promptly & in worst cases could result in hepatitis or endocarditis. If you already have a mouth piercing remember to keep the area clean & avoid ‘clicking’ the jewelry around the inside of your teeth. Keep an eye on your gums & if they start to recede remove the jewellery immediately. Keep up your regular Dental appointments & go for plastic jewelry over stainless steel as it is more gentle on your mouth.