For many people the idea of going on a holiday involves relaxation, sun, sand, cocktails & adventures, everything but dental treatments. But for an increasing number of people the opportunity to get ‘cheaper’ dental treatments just sounds too good to be true & more are jumping on-board the ‘dental tourism’ train.

In theory a holiday and cheaper dental treatment’s done all in one go sound amazing & those who do it argue they save money & get a vacation at the same time. In reality treatment can go terribly wrong. Ultimately the decision is yours but we want to give you some facts & info to help you make the correct decision for you.

In Australia all Dental Clinics are obligated to adhere to a strict infection control procedure. This means the safety regulations & quality assurances you get with an Australian Dentist may not exist elsewhere. Safety is one reason Martin Dental recommends you CAREFULLY consider dental care outside this country before proceeding.

If you have any complications after dental surgery overseas, you have no follow up care here in Australia.  Just like plastic surgeries, if anything goes wrong health care professionals here in Australia can find it difficult to deal with the problem – if they even want to. In these circumstances the money that you may save can be offset by the costs or any expensive repairs.

Australian health standards are amongst the highest in the world as are the materials & products that Australian Dentist use. We can never be certain of other the health standards & products used outside of Australia. Australian Dentists are trained to very high standards, must be registered & are required to operate in a strictly-regulated environment.

When it comes to your health compromise should never be the operative word. Money should also not be the biggest consideration when opting for dental care, but at Martin Dental we always strive to keep our treatments as affordable as possible and also offer Interest Free Payment Plans through DentiCare.

So before you head off on a dental holiday, check if your overseas Dentist was trained at a reputable University & whether the health standards in that country are as rigorous as those here in Australia. Don’t risk it.