Restore your Natural Tooth Colour with Whitening

As we age, our adult teeth become darker due to changes in the mineral structure of the tooth. The enamel becomes less porous and phosphate deficient. Teeth also become stained and discoloured from bacterial pigments, antibacterial medications, smoking, coffee, tea and red wine.

Martin Dental offers both in-chair teeth whitening and at-home teeth bleaching kits to restore your teeth’s brilliance. Whitening restores your natural tooth colour and bleaching whitens beyond the natural colour. There are multiple methods available including brushing, internal bleaching, bleaching strips, bleaching trays and laser bleaching.

Laser Tooth Whitening

Martin Dental offers Laser Tooth Whitening, the most advanced in-surgery whitening system available today. This one hour treatment obtains maximum whitening results after just one visit. Laser tooth whitening involves applying a safe concentrated whitening gel to your teeth. The laser then opens receptors within the tooth allowing for maximum whitening results. This is a pain-free in-chair procedure, although some patients may experience a small amount of sensitivity afterwards this usually subsides quickly with minor pain relief such as Panadol.

Tooth Bleaching in the Comfort of your Own Home

Our effective and cost-efficient home bleaching system allows you to bleach your teeth in the comfort of your own home. Choose from a personalised tray that lasts for up to 10 years or our new disposable bleaching system which is thrown out after a single use.

Your Tooth Safety is Our Priority

All of the teeth whitening products that Martin Dental offer are guaranteed to be safe for your teeth. We only use trusted brands that have invested extensive research into providing safe and effective whitening products. If any sensitivity does develop, it generally subsides quickly and has no detrimental effect on your teeth.

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