Tooth Coloured Fillings that Match your Existing Teeth

Gone are the days of amalgam and silver mercury fillings. Dental composite restorations, otherwise known as white fillings or tooth coloured fillings, are used to restore a tooth that has been broken or decayed. Their white colour is used to blend into your existing teeth with minimal disruption to your smile.
We use the latest and strongest materials to restore your teeth to their greatest aesthetic potential. With years of experience using non-amalgam white filings, we will place an aesthetically pleasing and long lasting restoration for you.

Amalgam Removal

We also offer an amalgam filling removal service for those requiring removal for both health and aesthetic reasons. We believe that mercury fillings should not be placed in your mouth and therefore advocate the alternative white composite filling. They are both a safer and more aesthetically pleasing option. So whether you have one or many mercury amalgam fillings, we can assist with a straightforward treatment plan.

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