Taking the Fear out of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment can be one of the most feared dental procedures by our clients. At Martin Dental, we are changing the face of root canal treatment and do everything we can to make our root canal treatment as comfortable as possible.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is performed to save a tooth when it is dead or dying and usually causing pain. The pain experienced can be quite severe, so we aim to treat the tooth immediately to alleviate your symptoms. The procedure treats disorders of the pulp, which is the soft tissue inside the crown and roots made up of blood vessels, nerves and lymph vessels that help keep your teeth nourished. Endodontic root canal treatments restore your tooth to a comfortable state by removing the damaged tissue and replacing it with a substance that will help preserve the function of the tooth.

What Causes Root Canal Treatment?

The most common cause of root canal treatment is decayed teeth or caries. When tooth decay begins, it penetrates the outer layer of enamel and creates a cavity. If that process is not stopped in its tracks the decay will continue towards the nerve of the tooth. This is when the problem occurs.

Other causes can include fractures that expose the pulp or a traumatic injury such as a blow to the tooth or a loose filling. Regardless of the initial cause, the tooth pulp becomes irritated and an abscess (infection) can occur. Bacteria from your saliva grow within the pulp, causing pressure and immense pain. Eventually, the pulp dies causing the bone around the tooth to be destroyed. If not treated quickly and effectively, adverse effects of the infection can include a weakened immune system, bone loss, loss of chewing ability and digestive issues.

Root Canal Costs and Appointments

Root canal treatment can seem scary and expensive. At Martin Dental, we aim to eliminate both of these concerns. Affordable pricing and appointments that can be spread over time make the necessary treatments much more affordable and reasonable.

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