There is no definitive answer to this question. If adequate bone is present on all 4 walls of a socket, then often an implant can be placed at the same visit as the extraction (or not-its up to the judgement of the implant surgeon).

If bone grafting is required because a socket is missing one of its walls, then most surgeons choose to wait 3-4 months before placing an implant. Many patients, partly due to financial reasons, want to know whether they can wait longer to place an implant and usually its fine to wait up to a year after an extraction to have an implant placed.

Waiting a longer time then recommended may allow the bone at a proposed implant site to shrink and also allow adjacent teeth to shift. This may make it more difficult to have the implant placed. It’s best to discuss a treatment timeline prior to an extraction, in order to plan both your extraction and time of implant placement.

MD utilizes the skills of a specialist Implant Surgeon to place the implant – then we place the Implant Crown (cap) on the implant once it is certain the site has healed perfectly. This enables us to assure the best, most long lasting & aesthetic pleasing result possible.